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Kate Gosselin Caught — GASP! — Disciplining Her Children


Kate Gosselin Caught — GASP! — Disciplining Her Children

In Touch Weekly has this EXCLUSIVE photo of reality “star” and tabloid target Kate Gosselin about to smack her five-year-old kid’s behind after she repeatedly asked her daughter not to blow her whistle while she was on the phone — and the daughter repeatedly ignored her.

Kate’s tap on the rear is apparently akin to waterboarding, as evidenced by the media headlines:

Kate Gosselin loses control!

Is Kate Gosselin Spanking Her Kids, Losing Control?

Kate Gosselin is an out of control spanker

Hey, I don’t condone harsh or excessive physical punishment, but sometimes a kid deserves appropriate discipline.   Especially me, who was a Demon Toddler.  “It would hurt me more than it hurt you,” my mom says of hitting my tush.  Which is probably true, considering I don’t remember a single spanking.  Dressing me in plaid pantsuits, on the other hand… now, THAT scarred me for life.

This is my long-winded way of asking if we can just lay off this woman a bit?  From the little I’ve seen of her show, it’s apparent she’s not going to win Miss Congeniality any time soon, but it WAS her husband that cheated, was it not?

Next time, though, I recommend she go the plaid paintsuit route.  Lot less grief; way more effective.

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