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With an estimated 82.5 million women in the U.S. with children and birth rates higher than they have been in 45 years — that’s right, a baby boom! — moms represent the most powerful consumer group in the U.S., controlling 85 percent of household spending estimated to be worth $2.1 trillion.

Bottom line: you’ve come to the right place, advertisers.

In fact, the baby boom shows no sign of slowing down, positioning high-quality, parent-focused blogs such as The Laughing Stork as significant influencers on all sorts of topics, from fashion to food, TV to travel — especially as studies reveal moms spend more time surfing the Internet than watching television.

The Laughing Stork readers are smart, educated mothers looking for a fun daily parenting destination and community where they can take a break from work and make fun of The Wiggles.

Published by former television writer and expectant mother Candy Kirby, The Laughing Stork is not just another mommy blog; Candy’s unique first-person writing style and humorous approach engage readers and encourage a more interactive community, providing an entertaining and intimate context for brand-building messages.

Increase brand awareness and boost sales by advertising with The Laughing Stork. To chat about various advertising campaign and sponsorship options — both on the site and on the weekly video blog — e-mail Candy Kirby at

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