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Baby Fashion Trend: Pooping in Style

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Baby Fashion Trend: Pooping in Style

Whenever I change one of Drew’s explosive poops, with runny mustard-yellow excrement creeping up his back and dripping off my BRAND NEW J Brand cargo pants and BRAND NEW white tank top (hypothetically, of course… *AHEM*), I often think to myself, you know what would make this better?  If this poop-covered diaper had a cute design on it!

Well, it seems I’m in luck now.  The latest trend: “designer diapers” for babies, which can cost 20% more just because they’re printed, not white (which babies shouldn’t be wearing after Labor Day, anyway).

Lest you think this is a crappy idea, diaper companies are simply looking for new ways to boost business after a four-year decline in births during the economic downturn, reports USA Today.  Last year, Huggies had a breakthrough with Diaper Jeans (jiapers?).  On the heels of that success, Huggies announced today that it now plans to sell a “limited edition” Huggies Camo diaper at Walmart.  Because you never know when baby may need to go pantless while duck hunting.  Or need to blend in with a blue bush.  One nice thing:  the Camo diapers have a military tie-in, with Huggies donating one diaper to a military service family in need for every package sold.

Meanwhile, Pampers has also entered the fashion diaper war with something softer: flower-print nappies by fashion designer Cynthia Rowley and an argyle print for boys who prefer to take a more preppy crap.

So why parents are so willing to spend more on diapers, which are already expensive?  Advertising psychologist Renee Fraser says they’re looking for approval. “It’s all about moms getting compliments from other moms,” she says. “Babies don’t compliment each other on their diapers. Moms do.”

“What a stylish poop your kid just took!”

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