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Celebrity Baby Name of the Week So Far


Celebrity Baby Name of the Week So Far

Prior to today, the only thing I could tell you about Tisha Campbell was that she once sued Mah-tin Lawrence for sexual harassment.  I have no idea what came of that lawsuit, if anything; however, I’m sure the fact that Mah-tin subsequently had major success with that godforsaken film Wild Hogs — Yes!  They made so much money that they’re planning on torturing us with Wild Hogs Two, for crying out loud! — only added insult to (alleged) injury for Tisha.

Which may explain why she has taken out her frustrations on her poor newborn son by naming him EZEKIEL CZAR.

Take a moment to let that sink in:  Ezekiel. Czar.  Then try saying it five times fast.  EZEKIELCZAR.  EZEKIELCZAR.  EZEKIELCZAR.  EZEKIELCZAR.  EZEKIELCZAR!


The unwittingly named baby, who wasn’t due until the 21st, still managed to weigh in at a VERY healthy 9 lbs., 9 oz and is 23 inches long.  Ezekiel joins big brother Xen, 8, who is thankful he no longer has the most, um, unusual name in the house.


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