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Submit a Funny Baby Picture!

Funny Baby Pics

Submit a Funny Baby Picture!

The most popular and visited part of The Laughing Stork is, by far, the funny baby pictures — with many readers searching for a much-needed giggle and some even arriving here by googling, “Where can I submit my baby photo?!” — so we would like to encourage y’all to send your funny photographs our way, whether they’re babies, kids, pets, grandparents, weird toys, what-have-you.  A few of you have submitted pictures recently and the photos did not upload (sorry ’bout that, Meggy and Katie, please resubmit!), so we have installed a new submission form that is easier to use, hopefully.  Let’s make The Laughing Stork a community of family hilarity — submit your silly pictures now!


Just go to THIS PAGE...upload the picture, your suggested caption, any other info, and voilà!  You have just contributed to the laughter ’round here.  Looking forward to seeing what silliness abounds at YOUR house!

The Laughing Stork is a comedy site for moms. Because home is where the humor is. Be sure to join us for more laughs on Twitter and Facebook!

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