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Caption This Contest: And The Winner Is…


Caption This Contest: And The Winner Is…

Talk about nepotism at its worst:  I’m a little embarrassed to say the winner of this week’s “Caption This” contest is… um, my husband, Mr. Candy.  He surprised me by submitting this Dirty Dancing-inspired winner:

Nobody puts Baby in a bucket!

And the guy doesn’t even drink coffee!  Or tea!  So I guess he’ll be enjoying chocolate milk in his new Laughing Stork mug.  But never fear — readers have been submitting more fantastic baby pictures for future contests.  And I will let family members know they are NOT eligible to win.  (Unless they come armed with more Dirty Dancing references, in which case I really cannot deny them.)

Have a funny baby, pet or family photo to submit?  Pass ’em along to us at!


Photo credit:  Casey Jay Benson

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