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News Roundup: Kid Throws Mom Under the Bus & Another Kid Gets Drunk on Hand Sanitizer

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News Roundup: Kid Throws Mom Under the Bus & Another Kid Gets Drunk on Hand Sanitizer

A child’s awesome weekend report for class.  Even more awesome:  the teacher’s response.  Damn straight, teach!  [Passive-Aggressive Notes]

Save on children’s clothes with Carter’s promo code.  And use those savings to buy yourself a TGIF drink!  (So your child can write a similar class report about you.)  [The Shopping Stork]

January Jones provides us with our recommended daily dose of “Who’s the BabyDaddy?” drama.  [The Celebrity Stork]

Reminder: Enter Your Most Entertaining Picture to Win Beauty & Parenting Goodies! [The Laughing Stork Mother’s Day Giveaway]

Four-year-old gets drunk on hand sanitizer.  *SIGH*  Whatever happened to the good ol’ days of preschoolers catching their buzz from Listerine?  [Daily Mail]

A mom discusses the “preciousness” of three-year-olds.  And by “precious,” she means terrifying.  [Babble]

And yet another mom bans Barbie in the house, wonders how to get her own father to respect her wishes.  Hey, if Grandpa shows up with Barbie, there is nothing stopping Barbie from “visiting” the garbage disposal. [MotherLode]

For my Los Angeles readers:  An article I wrote for FamilyFinds listing my “Top 7 Places to Go in L.A. with Kids.” [FamilyFinds]

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