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Pearls of Parenting Wisdom from Mario Lopez


Pearls of Parenting Wisdom from Mario Lopez

All parents need guidance sometimes. We may seek it from friends, family, fellow parents, a higher being — and yet, the most powerful insight often comes from an unexpected source:  Mario Lopez.  Here are some particularly insightful quotes from his VH1 reality show, “Saved by the Baby”:

Mario on the possibility of having a child with a horrifying disability:

“You know what I was thinking about today, which is a trip?  The baby might come out… left-handed.  And if it’s a girl and it’s left-handed… I don’t know why, but to me and it’s left-handed, that comes across as masculine. Is that weird? I don’t know… left-handed girls trip me out.”

On learning the sex of the baby in advance:

“If God wanted you to know, he would have made a window [to your stomach].”

On making important parenting decisions as a team:

“[Circumcision] is not up for discussion. Newsflash: This is the way all men are born. I can’t believe you’re even debating me on this. This is not debatable.”

On understanding the importance of attending child-rearing classes, such a breastfeeding course, together:

“I don’t even have chi-chis!  What am I going to be doing?”

On appreciating the beauty of his girlfriend’s body during the C-section:

“I decided to take a peek south of the border.  It was like a crime scene.  Blood everywhere.”

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