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Surefire Way to Get Blacklisted from Birth Announcement Mailing and Other Helpful News

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Surefire Way to Get Blacklisted from Birth Announcement Mailing and Other Helpful News

  • Sesame Street song encourages black girls to embrace their hair. Heck, I think almost ALL girls could benefit from that message (says the girl who started frying and dying her hair as a teenager).
  • Rachel Zoe‘s brother-in-law confirms her pregnancy to tabloid, ensuring that he will not be on the birth announcement mailing list.  [InTouch]
  • Woman claims she was allergic to being pregnant because she was sick and miserable the entire time.  I don’t call that an allergy — I call that PREGNANCY.  [DailyMail]
  • A boon to working moms: After reviewing 69 studies, researchers say kids whose mothers return to work before the child turns 3 are no more likely to have academic or behavioral problems compared with kids whose mothers stayed at home.  Also, after reviewing 69 studies, researchers say they could REALLY use a drink.  [LA Times]
  • Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats have a baby boy named — wait for it… wait for it… — Egypt Dean.  Bummer.  My money was on Drum Beats. [PFM]
  • Christina Aguilera focusing on being “a great mom” to Max in wake of filing for divorce.   Also, on making sure she retains custody of her clown makeup collection. [People]
  • And the “star” of this week’s children’s product recall is:  Evenflo car seats!  [Parenting]

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