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This Costume is for the Birds

Funny Baby Pics

This Costume is for the Birds


Species:  Flamingo-Baby (P. adorableus)
Location:  Pack-n-Plays; Parks; J.C. Penney Portrait Studios

Easily identified by what zoologists call “pinch-able chubby-wubby cheeks,” flamingo-babies often crawl on their hands and feet, scavenging for lint balls and other inappropriate items on the floor to put in their mouth. The reason for this behavior is not fully understood, but many suggest that the flamingo-baby likes to keep its parents on their toes, and cause them undue anxiety and distress.  As well as making a beeline for electrical outlets, flamingo-babies are known to hold on to the top of their crib and wail until a parent (P. sucker) retrieves them — immediately putting a smile on the flamingo-baby’s face.

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