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Jenna Bush Hager Reveals That Her Water Broke at Baby Shower


Jenna Bush Hager Reveals That Her Water Broke at Baby Shower

jenna-bush-babyWhen parched guests asked for some water at Jenna Bush’s baby shower, they got a whole lot more than they bargained for.

Jenna recently told the TODAY show that she had been opening gifts at the shower when the baby announced her arrival (three weeks early).

“I kind of started sweating, which I guess is a normal thing, but then, all of a sudden, in front of all of my friends, my water broke,” she said. “It was like a romantic comedy.”

As embarrassing as that may seem, there are benefits to having your water break at a baby shower.  For example:

  • Plenty of infant tubs, baby towels, absorbent bibs and suction thing-ys around to help clean up the mess.
  • Good excuse to get out of the “Guess the Diaper Smell:  Snickers Bar or Cat Poop?!” game.
  • That blow-dry you got for the shower?  Makes for some FABULOUS birth photos.
  • You just got everything you need for the baby at the hospital.  Just throw gifts in the car and go!
  • Nobody will judge you when you grab a dozen or so “It’s a Girl!” cupcakes for the road.  (Hey, it could be a long night.)
  • Diverts attention away from weird “Got Boobs?” onesie you got from your Great Aunt Penny.

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