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Minnie Mouse Given a “Makeover,” Stripped of Youthful Bows and Polka Dots (and Pride)

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Minnie Mouse Given a “Makeover,” Stripped of Youthful Bows and Polka Dots (and Pride)

There is one hyphenated word every woman dreads as she enters her mid-30s:  AGE-APPROPRIATE.  Or maybe it’s just me who cringes upon turning on E!’s Fashion Police and hearing George Kotsiopoulos complain that Eva Mendes’ yellow lace dress isn’t “AGE-APPROPRIATE” (while the 44-year-old stylist sits there wearing neon green pants… but, hey).  It’s a fine, ever-moving line that us 30-plus women have to toe.  Is this hemline too short?  Too long and matronly?  Is this neckline too high?  Too low?  (“NO!  Not ever!” –My husband)  And the latest victim of these societal pressures…


Minnie Mouse.

At 84 years of age, the aging Disney icon — known for her youthful bows and polka dots — has been given an AGE-APPROPRIATE “makeover” by Lanvin designer Alber Elbaz, who apparently thought he was supposed to be Joan Collins’ wardrobe stylist on Dynasty. Thankfully, much of the audience at the Disney fashion show in Paris agreed that the look was too matronly for the eternally young rodent:  “It’s definitely more mature. It looks a bit mother of the bride,” griped one spectator.

Agreed.  Methinks Disney has more pressing fashion priorities — like addressing the fact that Donald Duck continues to roam in public — amongst our kids — wearing NO PANTS.


Photo from The Daily Mail

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