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Say “Chug!”: Dora the Explorer Drinking Game for Parents


Say “Chug!”: Dora the Explorer Drinking Game for Parents

If listening to Dora ask glaringly obvious questions over and over and over again makes you want to drink, you’re not the only one.  Hence the inspiration behind my Totally Inappropriate-Yet-Much-Needed Dora the Explorer Drinking Game for Parents!

Drink once:

  • If you suspect Dora needs glasses because she asks a question such as “Do you see my house?” when the house is RIGHT NEXT TO HER.
  • When a neon arrow appears on-screen to further underscore the glaringly obvious.
  • Every time you think, “Swiper, DUDE, you are a FOX.  You eat rodents for breakfast.  And rabbits for dinner.  Yet you back down and whine “Oh, man,” whenever Dora waves her hand in front of you and demands “no swiping”?  LAME.
  • When Dora speaks Spanish.
  • When Dora makes you mad by asking what your favorite part was, then responds by adding HER favorite part of the adventure… which was, in fact, your favorite part, too.
  • When Dora insists you repeat the very same thing you just said.

  • In short, drink every time Dora doesn’t listen to you.
  • If you can’t get the ditty, “Back-pack, back-pack“” out of your freakin’ head.
  • Every time you suspect Map is senile because it keeps repeating itself.
  • If you feel a pang of concern that Dora’s best friend is a monkey.
  • When Tico the Squirrel attempts to speak English.

Drink twice:

  • If you purposely give Dora bad advice when she asks for your guidance.
  • Whenever Dora does something you wouldn’t let your eight-year-old do.  Like, you know, crossing the Seven Seas by herself and fraternizing with talking pigs dressed as pirates.

Sufficiently tipsy?  Yeah? WE DID IT!

P.S. Click here for more drinking game fun with The Fresh Beat Band…

P.P.S  This Dora movie spoof from CollegeHumor?  Pure awesome.

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