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The Winner of the Gift Card Giveaway is…


The Winner of the Gift Card Giveaway is…

Well, first, let me thank y’all for your entertaining entries.  As you may remember, I’d asked readers to either share a funny/embarrassing/otherwise memorable shopping experience with your kids OR post a picture of your child looking like a certified fashion diva — all in the name of celebrating what is all about:  SHOPPING.  And you did not disappoint.  Allow me to share some highlights:

“Cute outfit… check… purse… check… keys… check… Let’s go!” –Joanna P.

“My son needs to add to his Village People wardrobe.” –Elaine B.

From toddlers head-butting you at Kohl’s, to kids falling out of shopping carts, to preschoolers loudly asking about your nipples and announcing how tasty their boogers are in the middle of the store, to children opening up your dressing room doors, mid-state of undress — you guys have proven why online shopping may be a mom’s best friend.  In the end, I assigned numbers to all of your entries and put the decision in the hands of Mr. Random Number Generator.  And he selected…

Jennifer!  Who offered this tale of shopping woe:

I had gone to the craft store with my two year old son and 10 week old daughter. My daughter cried the whole time unless I was holding her. My son was in the shopping cart, grabbing random items as we went down each aisle. By the time I made it to the checkout, I had more go-back items than ones I was actually purchasing. I’m sure the cashier just loved us. On my way to the car, I hit a bump and my cart fell over. My son and craft supplies spilled out all over the parking lot. My son wasn’t hurt as I was able to break his fall with my leg while hanging on to his sister, but he was hysterical nonetheless and had no intention of getting back into that death trap. Nobody offered to help as I struggled to reload my cart without dropping my baby or losing my toddler into traffic. I managed to get to the car, but as I was loading up, the mylar bunny that had been living in the car since easter escaped and blew across the parking lot. My son began to scream for his bunny to come back. I managed to chase the bunny down that time. However, it escaped again when we stopped for lunch and yet again at the grocery store. The last time I was not fast enough to recapture it, but as we headed home the bunny blew across the street right in front of us. Fortunately by now my son was too tired to make a fuss.

Nothing can make up for the profound loss of Mylar Bunny, I know — but a $50 gift card sure can’t hurt!  Congrats, Jennifer.  And thanks to all who entered.

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