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Courageous Citizens Protest Tot’s “Criminal” Chalk Art

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Courageous Citizens Protest Tot’s “Criminal” Chalk Art

Chalk is also a known gateway to drugs and use of un-washable markers.

In a world filled with murderers, thieves and kidnappers, it’s about time somebody cracked down on the real criminals:  three-year-old chalk artists.

If you’ve ever stepped on a chalk heart on your sidewalk and thought, “My god, STOP THE MADNESS ALREADY,” you’re not alone.  One Denver HOA is bravely trying to put a stop to chalk art in their neighborhood, where 3-year-old Emerson Cohen brazenly defiles the sidewalks with pictures of flowers that wash away with a simple hose-down or rainfall.  It is, in one word, reprehensible.  Or, if you’d prefer five:  the downfall of our youth.  Chalk-wielding terrorists that they are.

“It’s definitely better than video games,” said Emerson’s mother in defense of her daughter’s indefensible actions. “It’s a simple pleasure for her.”

Simple pleasure?  Pssshhh.  To some HOA members, it is no less than a criminal act.

“My initial reaction was, ‘You have to be kidding me,’” said an incredulous Cohen, who added that they moved to Stapleton because it was a family-friendly neighborhood.


“We live on a courtyard and we all bought into the notion that we were sharing a space,” said Cohen.

People living there did the usual neighborly thing by smiling to the Cohens’ faces and passively-aggressively complaining about the chalk art behind their backs.  The HOA agrees with the complainants, claiming that because it is a shared space, anything that offends, disturbs or interferes with the peaceful enjoyment isn’t allowed.  Which surely includes a three-year-old’s carefree scribbles.

The HOA will soon vote on whether to crack down on the pint-sized criminal.  In the meantime, Cohen says she plans to let her daughter continue to “decorate” the common area.   Damn hippies.

“It’s summertime and God forbid my daughter is drawing flowers, her name and hearts,” said Cohen.

Hopefully, justice will be served and Emerson will be forced to spend her summer engaging in a proper children’s activity.  Like staring listlessly at the TV.

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