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Filed Under Potentially-Icky-But-Hopefully-Not: Ashton Kutcher and Rumer Willis Continue to “Hang Out”


Filed Under Potentially-Icky-But-Hopefully-Not: Ashton Kutcher and Rumer Willis Continue to “Hang Out”

Okay, let’s hope Rumer isn’t tapping into her inner Soon-Yi (or tapping anything else, for that matter)…

In what is hopefully just a sweet and totally innocent continuation of a stepfather-stepdaughter relationship, 34-year-old Ashton continues to regularly hang out with 23-year-old Rumer after divorcing Demi.  In early March, the Dude, Where’s My Car? star and country music scene mocker was seen cheering on Rumer while she sang at a club in L.A.  “Ashton looked like a proud father. He was beaming!” an onlooker gushed with a curious amount of enthusiasm.  “They had a solid 10-second hug before Ashton got his guy friend and casually left through the back. He was strictly there to support Rumer.”

Well, that sounds harmless enough.  Right?  And then…

Ashton and Rumer were spotted hanging out together at his Hollywood Hills mansion this weekend.  (Yes, Kelso has a sprawling mansion and we do not.  *Sigh*)  The twosome “popped out to get take-out food for lunch and returned home to chow down on Ashton’s balcony,” according to the always-lurking paparazzi.  As you can see, they weren’t totally thrilled by the attention:

"Dude, why are you all up in my car?"

Many blogosphere commenters (who, you know, know these two intimately so they must be right) are convinced they are hooking up.  Me…?  I’d like to continue to believe Ashton is just dispensing Ashton-like stepfatherly advice to Rumer, like, “If I teach you one thing:  cover, don’t hover,” until I see evidence to the contrary.  At which point, ICK.

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