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Alicia Silverstone Shares Her Feeding Technique: Chewing and Spitting Food Into Baby Bear Blu’s Mouth


Alicia Silverstone Shares Her Feeding Technique: Chewing and Spitting Food Into Baby Bear Blu’s Mouth

Alicia Silverstone not only names her children after animals, she borrows feeding techniques from them, too!  Taking a cue from mama birds and their chicks, Alicia posted a video of herself chewing up her 10-month-old baby boy’s food and then spitting it in his mouth.


I have to admit, I’ve been known to chew up food to soften it for my daughter when she was younger because I’m a loon who is convinced everything is a choking hazard.  You want a container of applesauce, kid?  Here, let me dump it in the blender then stomp on it then flatten it with a rolling pin just to BE SURE there are no wayward apple chunks!  This mouth-to-mouth technique, however, is a new one for me.  But not at all surprising.  I mean, she named her child BEAR BLU.  Of course she’s spitting grated daikon into his mouth.

Weird?  A little.  Unhygienic?  Allegedly.  Harmless in the long-run?   Yeah, probably.

Although Sparrow seems like a much more fitting name for the kid now.

What do YOU think, Laughing Storkers?

Because sharing is caring, as I tell my kids. (Except my wine. Never my wine.)
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