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And the Gender of Hilary Duff’s Baby is…


And the Gender of Hilary Duff’s Baby is…

Hilary promotes her new book "Devoted" at Barnes & Noble in New York City on Oct. 10

Hint:  It rhymes with NOT A GIRL.

Yup, Hilary Duff, who will forever be 13-year-old Lizzie McGuire to me, has announced she is having a baby boy.  (See what I did there?  Fancy!)  Rather than taking to Baby News Announcement Central, Twitter, she revealed the gender on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in an interview set to air Monday, saying, “I had a feeling it was a boy the whole time.”

One tell-tale sign:  the baby was always holding a remote.

After many false alarms, Hilary said, she and hubby Mike Comrie couldn’t believe it when they found out she was pregnant.

“My husband makes this joke that I think I’m pregnant like 12 times a year,” she told Ellen.

Certainly a good excuse to gorge and wear elastic waistband pants.

“So when it actually happened,” Hilary continued, “He was in the shower and I just held up the test and I was like, ‘Oh my God.’ And he was like, ‘Ahh!’ He was soaking wet. We were just a mess and started crying.  It was really exciting.”

That is quite a visual.

Hil says her pregnancy has been “super easy,” but still leaves her feeling weird.

“No sickness, but crazy dreams,” she said. “It’s kind of like a little alien has taken over your body. You just don’t quite feel normal.”

Yeah, that pretty much sums up pregnancy.

Lizzie’s baby, er…I mean, Hilary’s baby is due early next year.

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