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Kathie Lee Gifford Breastfeeds ‘Breast Milk Baby’ on TV — Of Course

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Kathie Lee Gifford Breastfeeds ‘Breast Milk Baby’ on TV — Of Course

Two years ago I wrote about a breastfeeding doll that was causing a stir among parents and now, thanks to Kathie Lee and Hoda, the doll debate has been reignited.  (Troublemakers, they are!)  A recent TODAY segment featured man-on-the-street interviews to see how people felt about little ones pretending to breastfeed and, well, they were pretty much divided with the scales tipping slightly in favor of pro-doll.  Just slightly.

“It looks like they’re playing.  And in a very natural way, to me,” Kathie Lee shrugged.  “I don’t see the damage in the whole thing.”  Naturally, Kathie Lee also had to try out the Breast Milk Baby doll (after a large gulp from her “water” bottle, no doubt), prompting a less nonchalant Hoda to look away and cringe, “Something’s just so weird about what’s happening right now.”

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When I first heard about the doll, I have to admit I was more Hoda, less Kathie Lee, simply because the visual of a child breastfeeding is so foreign. (Also, because I prefer to wait until after 10 a.m. for my morning vodka tonic.)  But now that I have a newborn on the way, with a 21-month-old who is going to be very curious and possibly jealous of my nursing relationship with him…?  A doll allowing her to mimic it in an innocent way doesn’t seem like the worst idea in the world.  (Nor does an early morning vodka tonic.  Two kids under two?  Oy.  Bring on the “water” bottle, Mama says!)

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