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Kate Hudson Having a Girl, Says Pendulum


Kate Hudson Having a Girl, Says Pendulum

2011 is proving to be a year of pleasant surprises for Kate Hudson — First a pregnancy!  Then an engagement!  And now… a baby girl?

Well, if you believe the “pendulum test,” it is.

“You get a ring and your hair and put it over your belly and it swings,” the actress, 32, says of the gender predictor test.

“Everybody has different methods … it goes in a circle if it’s a girl and it usually goes back and forth if it’s a boy. It’s saying it’s a girl, and I’m carrying so differently than I did with Ryder.”

Hard to argue with the foolproof pendulum test.  Other highly reliable gender prediction methods include:

  1. Testing your urine with Drano
  2. Have somebody place a spoon under one couch seat cushion, and a fork under the other. If you walk in the room and sit on the spoon its a girl and the fork, its a boy.  (Duh.)
  3. Craving sweets = Boy.  Sour stuff = Girl.
  4. Carrying high = Girl.  Down low = Boy.  (Writes the woman carrying high… with a boy.)
  5. Look beautiful during pregnancy = Boy.  Look like crap = Girl.  (Writes the woman who glowed while pregnant with her daughter, and currently resembles death while pregnant with her son.)

Like I said, highly reliable!

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