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Letters from Disgruntled Parents: Easter Egg Hunt Edition

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Letters from Disgruntled Parents: Easter Egg Hunt Edition

I surf the Net all day long in search of helpful parenting news to share with you, important reports such as kitties wrestling with babies and oddly graphic baby shower cakes.   Sometimes the cyberspace gods smile upon me and drop a real goody on my lap — such as today, when I serendipitously came across an opinion/editorial/bitch letter from a very disgruntled parent who did NOT have a pleasant Easter egg hunt experience and just had to share his concerns about it with the rest of his Southeast New Hampshire community.

And I just had to share his letter with you.  Because I am demented and I could not help but laugh while reading it, especially considering it was a CHURCH event…

Monday, April 5, 2010

i would like to first thank Next Level Church and all other sponsors for trying to set up a fun Easter egg hunt. if it wasn’t for all the greedy parents it would have been.

I went to the event and I left with my fiancé and my 2 sons unhappy and ashamed.

My 2 sons are 4 and 5 yrs old. The first egg drop was a stampede. My niece got kneed in the head by a grownup and my sister got pushed down by another adult.

I saw parents STEALING eggs from little kids baskets and putting them in their kids baskets. it was a madhouse.

I really think that the “big bad” parents that did that should get themselves checked by a doctor or something. We are in tough times as it is. There is no need to ruin it. I think the church was trying to do a good thing for the community but once again it just goes to show that you can’t have fun without people ruining it.

Sorry for those who didn’t get any eggs. If it makes you feel better and the big bad adults any better my 4 and 5 year old left the event crying because they wanted to get eggs. I don’t think people really know how to just enjoy something.

Thank you, Next Level Church, and all the other people who were involved in the event. It really would have been fun if it wasn’t ruined


derrick casse

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