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Michael Jackson’s Kids to Appear in A&E Reality Show (Or… Not)


Michael Jackson’s Kids to Appear in A&E Reality Show (Or… Not)

Michael Jackson’s children don’t get NEARLY enough media attention so, naturally, the family is including them in an A&E reality show about the Jackson clan.  The family is at odds about whether to feature them, and — SURPRISE! — A&E’s publicity team is letting information “leak” about the feud.

Apparently, eldest sister Rebbie, 59, who has refused to be in the series (called “The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty,” tentatively set to air in December), “feels Michael would spin in his grave if he knew his kids would be on this show.”

I know, I know.  I’m thinking the same thing… Who the hell is Rebbie?!  Oh, and, yes, she is probably right about that.

While Janet is on board with showing the kids on TV, mom Katherine “is just going along with things,” the source continues.  That’s pretty much what Katherine has ALWAYS done, isn’t it?

And Papa Joe Jackson…?  Well, he’ll undoubtedly use the show to promote his record label.  He’s sentimental like that.

Still, one of the creators of the program — which will be either five one-hour episodes or 10 half-hour episodes — says the family “shines” on the series.

“We have 23 cast members with the last name Jackson,” executive producer Jodi Gomes tells Us Weekly. “They’ve done a great job opening up about losing a brother.”

No word on whether all 23 cast members “with the last name Jackson” are actually family members, however.

UPDATEA&E is denying that the kids will appear on the show.  Us Weekly is standing by its report.  Yes, it’s an A&E vs. Us Weekly smackdown!

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