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Reader-Submitted Funny Baby Picture: A Hubby’s Humble Beginnings

Funny Baby Pics

Reader-Submitted Funny Baby Picture: A Hubby’s Humble Beginnings

Many thanks to TLS reader Mama Alison, who’d previously submitted an ultrasound of her Olympic-gold-gymnast-in-training, and now generously shares this for our entertainment:

For years I have been begging my Mother In Law for pics of my husband as a child, and she has always had an excuse as to why she can’t provide said pictures (such as her scanner was broken, she lost the baby book, she found the baby book but it broke the scanner, etc). Well, 4 days before I am to be induced she finally decides to send a few pictures, and now I understand why she withheld sharing them:

"Hey. Is that MY reflection? I can't believe Mom's been giving me 'The Donald!'"

Best of luck to Mama Alison and her Baby Daddy with their imminent arrival!  May s/he inherit your wicked sense of humor, but not the Trump combover…

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