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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Finale: Death and Marriage and Post-Its, Oh My!

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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Finale: Death and Marriage and Post-Its, Oh My!

I must admit, I’ve been a bit of a TV whore this past year, briefly jumping into bed with a number of shows.  And I almost always leave them feeling dirty and unsatisfied as I do the Walk of Shame back to my true love:  the Internet.

Grey’s Anatomy, a show I adored the first couple of seasons, has been among my many fleeting bed partners lately.  They lost me with the on-again, off-again Derek/Meredith drama, all of the relationships involving Callie and, of course, the ridiculously drawn-out hallucination storyline in which Izzy screws a dead dude.

But, hey, that’s just me.

Sometimes I would record the show and just fast-forward to the scenes where McDreamy would smile at me, er… I mean, Meredith.  Other times I would watch the first half-hour before switching to 30 Rock.  Yet other times, I chose to skip it altogether to do something more entertaining, like complete Facebook’s fascinating “Which Sex and the City Gal Are You?” quiz.  (Answer:  Miranda.)

I did, however, tear myself away from surfing Facebook long enough to watch the finale last night.  Did y’all see it?  Meredith and Derek get married by Post-It Note!  (Um, what?)  Alex wants to smother Izzy with a pillow!  (Join the crowd, buddy.)  George gets hit by a bus and… dies?  (Buh-bye, hefty Grey’s paychecks.)  Izzy has surgery and… goes into cardiac arrest.  (Hello, coma and writers’ revenge.)

Although the possible double-death cliffhanger yielded a lot of uncertainty, one thing is for sure:  No matter what Facebook says, I am definitely more Dorothy than Blanche!  Pssshhh.

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